Alice’s Adventures in the Library

Alice's Adventures in the

Alice’s Adventures in the Library, based on Lewis Carroll’s classic stories, was adapted by Ricky McMurry for a children’s library fundraiser in Clinton, Wisconsin. Ricky and his co-director Orianna O’Neill auditioned both members of the Clinton community as well as students from Beloit College for this production. The cast was comprised of actors of all ages and walks of life. While a few members of the cast had extensive performance experience, many others were performing for the first time. This adaptation focused heavily on the importance of reading and its importance to a thriving community. The cast worked together in building costumes, assembling a set, and creating a meaningful performance for the people of Clinton. The proceeds of this production were dedicated to the creation of a larger children’s library, so that the members of the community would be able to enjoy stories like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for generations to come.

Read the city of Beloit’s article:

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